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Our infrastructure


High Technological Infrastructure


Use the technology infrastructure written in accordance with core services and international standards in common for all products.

Multi GDS Integration


Meet with the ease of accessing the most affordable prices by performing multiple GDS integrations separately for each product.


High Security

Secure your payments with 3D secure payment at checkout. Provide control of your current account movements.


Appropriate integration into each structure


Through the web service, you can see that you can integrate without any structure change at the desired display.


Current Technology


Experience the comfort of using all modules written in the software field using the most up-to-date technologies.


Multilingual Infrastructure


Use with the language option to be added to the system field or in line with your request.


Alternative Payment


Credit card, bank transfer, current payment, etc. easily use other payment methods that can be added in addition to payment methods

Professional Call Center

With 24/7 call center support, enjoy the support you need on the system.