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Cancellation Return and Change General Information


Online transactions such as cancellations, refunds and changes may vary according to airline companies' contracts, whether on mobile or through websites or sales offices. In the event of cancellation or refund, you can process your flight for at least 2 hours.

Tickets sold by our website have three separate classes. You can buy tickets in three categories: Promotion, Economy and Business Class. Economy and Business Class cancellation and cancellation of your tickets to our call center. This is not the case for promotional tickets. Promotional tickets are tickets that can not be canceled, returned or changed after purchase.

Promotional tickets are tickets issued by airline companies for a limited number of seats. Promotional tickets are usually reasonably priced because of the payment made one month in advance and are the reason for preference.

You may have to cancel due to a special reason. However, in some cases you may be subject to a non-refundable transaction or a penalty based on a contract you made when you received an online ticket. In such cases, you may need to make a request to communicate with the airline to which you will travel to avoid being a victim. If you are processing in accordance with the cancellation and refund conditions, only the service charge is interrupted. Otherwise, if less than 12 hours remain, the penalty fee may also be deducted.

For all your information and transaction requests, you can contact us via the following communication channels.